Cohen Tri-State Classic

Mileage: 26-90 RT, see below.
Breakfast Stop: The Friendly Toast, Portsmouth
Map: GPS from last year's Cohen Classic provided by Cape Cod Mike! Click Here!

Route: 1A North/1B to Rt. 103. ***USE CAUTION ON BRIDGES!

The Annual TriState Cohen Classic leaves Newburyport's Port Plaza at 6:00 am. (Late option from Wallis Sands State Park between ~7:15 and 7:30am.)

New! Breakfast at Cafe Espresso, approximately 1 mile down Islington Street.)

Continue riding up the coast. Return and have a late lunch downtown Newburyport at "Not Your Average Joe's".

Traditional Routes (***mileage is approximate):
Wallis Sands to breakfast and back ~26 miles.
Newburyport to Wallis Sands State Park and back ~30 miles.
Newburyport to breakfast and back ~ 56 miles.
Newburyport to York, Captain Simeone Store and back ~70 miles.
Newburyport to York Beach Lighthouse and back ~ 90 miles.

Bring lots of water/Gatorade, a spare tube, cell phone, and good weather.

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Cyclopath-Donna said...

After renaming the restaurant to "The Meanie Toast" the destination for breakfast is now Cafe Expresso -- further down the main road on the left.